Road equipment

“Speed bumps”

  • Height 3 cm – vehicle speed limit 50 km/h
  • Height 5 cm – vehicle speed limit 40 km/h
  • Height 7 cm – vehicle speed limit 30 km/h

Motorcyclist protection

  • protect motorcyclists from the lateral impact against the road barriers.
  • suitable for all kind of guardrail
  • tested according UNE 135900-1

Plastic New Jersey barrier

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1000 x 500 x 500 mm


  • Height 34 cm, 54 cm or 75 cm

Cone wheels

  • divide traffic directions at toll booths

Reflective elements for guardrail




Signalinea LLC

Established in 2003, Signalinea LLC specialized in road equipment such as road marking, road signs, road restraint systems and other equipment.

The company is based in Kukuljanovo, in the industrial zone in the vicinity of Rijeka, employing approximately fifty employees. ...

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